Culture criticism that explores the personal.

An Inside Out explores the interplay between the personal and the critical. Meaning is built in the conversation between the work, its reader, its creators, and their intermingling contexts. We want to play in the uncertain spaces between those sources of meaning, to think about how the ideas contained in art relate to our lived experience, and to discuss how they shape our ideas of ourselves.

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An Inside Out is looking for writers to work with.

We’re looking for arts criticism that incorporates a personal, emotional response to the subject matter. Personal essays that use critical rigor, critical essays with a personal throughline, or something experimental, there’s flexibility in approaches we’ll accept. What we want is essays that stand as artistic works in themselves. There is no limit on what can be written about, we’re open to writing about any aesthetic work. A book, a film, a painting, an event, a haircut.

Every writer will get an equal cut of any money left from the patreon after the site’s running costs have been paid each month. If no piece runs in a month, the budget will roll over.

Email submissions, pitches, or questions to Contributing Editor Edward Haynes at    ︎︎︎


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Edward Haynes

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An Inside Out is Back!

After being away for four months, An Inside Out is coming back and is on the hunt for writers to contribute thoughtful criticism that deals with personal responses to art & culture. Ideas can be sent to:     ︎︎︎

An Inside Out is funded through Patreon, any contributors to the site will recieve an even split of the month’s Patreon income, after the site’s running costs ($13usd p/m) are paid. 

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